Humaray chotay aur simple ideas say banaein apnay family mealtimes even more special

  • Baking Powder Power

    Scrub your vegetables and fruits with baking powder and water to get rid of pesticides

  • A Bed For A Fish

    To ensure that fish doesn't stick to the pan while grilling, lay it on a bed of sliced lemons. The added flavor is a bonus!

  • Brown Sugar Hack

    To keep brown sugar fresh, put a few marshmallows in the sugar bag

  • Want More Juice?

    Just put your fruits in the microwave for 20 seconds before squeezing them

  • Must-Read Ice Cream Tip

    We all want fresh ice cream from the freezer. Just store the ice-cream pack within a plastic bag in your freezer and it will remain fresh for longer a period

  • The Paper Bag Trick

    If you want your fruits to ripen quickly in a natural manner, place them in a paper bag

  • Keep The Cookies in One Piece

    If a tissue paper is creased and placed at the bottom of a cookie jar, it will keep your cookies from crumpling up

  • Vegetables Should Look Like Vegetables

    We tend to overcook vegetables, which cause them to lose a lot of vitamins and minerals. The rule of cooking vegetables is to let them retain their original colour; other wise they have lost all their goodness

  • Extra Fresh Containers are Always Welcomed

    If you are storing away your empty airtight containers, add a pinch of salt in them to avoid them from getting that stale airtight odor

  • To Re-Boil or Not To Re-Boil?

    Will milk curdle if it is allowed to re-boil? It turns out that this age-old piece of wisdom isn't true after all. Milk that has been re-boiled is perfectly safe to consume

  • You Can't Freeze Them All

    Most vegetables like cabbage, celery, and peppers can be frozen perfectly if they are used for cooking later. Salad vegetables however, lose their crispness once thawed

  • Decorations Aren't Just For Desserts

    Pastry and decorative tubes can also be used for making fancy butter pats for baked potatoes, pancakes and rolls

  • Single Scoop Seed Cleaning

    If you want to clean the seeds from squash, melons, tomatoes and peppers, use a grapefruit spoon, which will clean them all from inside very nicely

  • The Right Kind of Beans

    Never buy large knobby beans because they are old and tough. Buy fresh and young beans. To see if beans are fresh, break one in half and it should crack, that's your sign of freshness

  • Your Fine China is All-New Again!

    Want to remove tea and coffee stains from your fine china tea sets? Make a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and cream of tartar. Rub it on the stains and they will vanish, making your tea set appear brand new

  • The Boil and Freeze Formula

    Boiled water freezes much quicker than a tap water. Remember this tip when there is a party or electricity shortage

  • Grow some Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera can be very useful in the kitchen. If you burn yourself, just break the leaf and apply the gel on the injury. It will soothe your wound immediately

  • A Little Bit of Celery Goes with Bread

    Put a leaf of celery in your bread loaf. It will stop the bread from going stale and restore its taste and texture

  • Bring your Nail Polish into the Kitchen

    If you cut your finger while chopping your vegetables, wait until the bleeding stops. Apply a layer of clear nail polish and continue your work with your hands. The wound will be sealed and you wont need any Band-Aids

  • For the Freshest Fridge and Freezer

    To get rid of odors from your fridge and freezer, try using activated charcoal, which is good at trapping chemicals and prevents their absorption

  • Shine Silver Shine

    To make your silver shine like never before, apply a very small amount of toothpaste and polish it off with a clean wet clothe

  • Open Lids without a Man's Help

    To open a tight lid on a jar came becomes difficult at times when no one is around to help. If tapping with a knife on the lids doesn't loosen it, wear a pair of latex gloves and then twist the lid. Voila

  • Brush your Vegetables Clean

    An unused toothbrush can be used in your kitchen to help you clean fresh mushrooms, corn and other delicate vegetables

  • No More Smelly Hands

    By rubbing your fingers over a stainless spoon, you can get rid of the smell of garlic and onions from your hands

  • A Pair Of Scissors Can Do It All

    Your kitchen also needs its very own pair of scissors. They can help in snipping green chilies, fresh herbs, green onions and other vegetables

  • Slice In A Nice Way

    You can use your egg slicer for many purposes not just for slicing your hard-boiled eggs. Try slicing mushrooms, bananas, strawberries, guavas, olives etc

  • Whipped Cream made Easy

    Do you find it difficult to make whipped cream? Here's an inside tip, just put the bowl and eggbeater in the refrigerator before using them

  • Say Cheese Now!

    Never waste cheese again. Always remember to wrap the cheese stacks in a cloth that has been soaked in vinegar and squeezed well. Keep adding vinegar from time to time

  • Save the Tomatoes

    We all want to store tomatoes when they are cheap. Here's a really easy tip of canning tomatoes. Boil a pot of water, dip the tomatoes in for a minute, take them out and immediately run them through a strainer with cold water. The peels will come off easily. Now store them in a canning jar and add cold water to fill it up. Also add few tablespoons of salt to preserve them

  • The Corn Rule

    Remember to boil corn for only three minutes and never put salt in during the process. Over boiling the corn will make it lose its taste and texture

  • Don't Let the Fish Fall Apart

    When baking a whole fish, remember to put it in a foil paper. When the fish is done, slip a spatula under the fish and slide the foil out. The fish will not fall apart

  • How to Reuse Cooking Oil

    If you want to reuse cooking oil free of taste and smell, just cook a ΒΌ piece of ginger in the oil. Your oil will become clear and odor less

  • Too greasy for its own Good

    If your soup or sauce becomes too greasy, just drop an ice cube in it. The ice will attract all the fat, which can then easily be scooped out

  • How to keep your Iceberg Lettuce Fresh

    To keep iceberg lettuce fresh for a long period in the fridge, wrap it in a clean dry paper towel and put it in a sealed bag

  • No More Clumping Salt

    If your salt is clumping, just put few grains of rice in it. The rice will absorb the excessive moisture

  • For Shiny Pots and Pans

    To make aluminum pans shine bright, boil some apple peels in them. Your pots will shine and your house will smell good too

  • The Magic of Mustard

    If any area of your body gets burnt in the kitchen, quickly apply mustard on it. Leave it for a while to ease out the pain and avoid blistering

  • Long Live Brown Sugar

    A small slice of apple, bread or a terra cotta flake placed in the bag containing brown sugar will prevent it from getting hard

  • Don't let the Onions make you Cry

    The essence in onions that makes your eyes water is placed in the root cluster of the onion. Remember to remove this part by cutting out the exterior root section in one go and discarding it immediately

  • Meet your Meat's Solution

    When defrosting meat, remember to pour some vinegar over it. It will bring down the temperature quickly and also tenderize it

  • Pastas, Potatoes and Plants

    Your plants will love the nutrients in the water that is used to boil pasta or potatoes in. Once you are done with the boiling, just cool the water and use it

  • Confuse your Potatoes

    To avoid potatoes from budding, just place an apple with them

  • The Good Egg Test

    If you want to check how fresh your eggs are, just place them in water. If they float they have gone bad but if they stay submerged in water, they are fresh and good to eat!

  • Chopping Chilies Easily

    Remember to apply oil on your hands before chopping green chilies to avoid them from absorbing into your skin

  • Bread is the New Savior

    When a pot of rice gets burnt, just place a slice of white bread on the center of the rice for 5 to 10 minutes to get rid of the burnt smell. Make sure you do not scrape the bottom of the pan when serving the rice

  • How to Save the Gravy

    If your gravy gets burnt, quickly change the gravy's pan and sprinkle some sugar in it. Keep adding sugar until the gravy starts tasting normal again

  • Calcium-Free Kettles, Please!

    To clean the calcium build-up in your kettle, fill it with an equal amount of water and vinegar, bring it to a boil and remove the solution carefully into your sink

  • Mean Cleaning with Salt

    Instead of using detergents to clean those tough stains on your cast iron cook wear, scrub them rigorously with salt and then wipe them clean with paper towels

  • Everyone's an Eggshell Expert

    All you have to do to prevent the cracking of eggshells is add a nip of salt while the eggs boil

  • The Too-Salty Solution

    If you have accidently put too much salt in your soup or curry, place a peeled potato in the pot. It will soak up the surplus and your food won't go to waste!